Travelpros and Las Cascadas Lodge, Honduras

Fiona and Linda are experts on the area and what to do and see here! 

The Las Cascadas Lodge all inclusive package by TravelPros is the best way to maximize the quality, enjoyment, and ease of an incredible stay in Honduras. It’s so close!

  • $995 USD per person* FLIGHTS, MEALS, BAR included

An open bar, the hotel is close to all the adventure activities, a Private Chef at the lodge cooking what you want, outdoor hot tub, and lots of cool stuff to do and see right at the resort!

Perfect for a few friends or a romantic stay. Las Cascadas Lodge is high quality lodging and meals in the rainforest surrounded by mountains, waterfalls, and one of a kind beauty.

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This package rate with flights by Cayman Airways is only available through TravelPros. You won't find it on our website! Please contact TravelPros or write us an email for more information Thanks and see you in the New Year!
*Rates based on normal airfare prices

(345) 949 8182

(345) 949 8182

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