What's happening in Honduras? Can I still enjoy an incredible and relaxing vacation there?


teacher and transportation issues.....

Making the Honduran government 'stay after school'.

Honduras is a beautifully rich vacation destination. Recent events in the country have included strikes from the teacher's union and taxis due to dissent regarding the high fuel prices, low wages, and government corruption.

Honduras has only one major roadway along the coastal route which links Puerto Cortez, Copan, and San Pedro Sula to La Ceiba (the gateway to the Bay Islands of Roatan, Utila, and Guanaja). This has always provided a more or less non violent means to simply block the flow of goods and traffic.

Visitors from the Cayman Islands and from Roatan (Bay islands) can easily fly or ferry to La Ceiba and have no problems.

For guests flying internationally into San Pedro Sula we partner with SOSA Airlines who will connect you through to your private shuttle in La Ceiba and have you enjoying a cocktail near the waterfalls of Las Cascadas Lodge by happy hour!

Daily connections to La Ceiba. Quick and easy!

Daily connections to La Ceiba. Quick and easy!


Honduras is a country roughly the size of Tennessee and the amount of things you can do and see is just remarkable. Some examples are: diving and island hopping along the Meso-American reef, Rafting the Rio Cangrejal (one of Central America's most exciting rafting runs), Horseback riding in the jungle, Canyoning down a bunch of waterfalls, visiting the ruins of Copan, world class birdwatching, and a whole lot more!


One of a kind and exquisite!

Las Cascadas Lodge is an intricately designed, all inclusive, and private resort with waterfalls visible from your suite and a Chef cooking you what you want to eat. Mountains, waterfalls, rafting, hiking, nature tours, and more!

Deforestation, Mining to excess, Palm Oil, Reef destruction, Foreign Industrialization

All are affecting Honduras. Tropical rainforests are the "lungs" of the planet. By promoting Eco or nature based tourism we protect the local people and give them a future without looking for foreign influence. They have everything they need already!
The result of people visiting is an added value to the precious natural resources in Honduras that help keep us alive and breathing on Earth. This also makes for a more stable government through increased tax revenue which in turn aids in the enforcement of laws that protect the environment.

Don't miss out on an incredible trip to Honduras and Las Cascadas Lodge. We are here to help and will be there for you every step of the way!

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