Honduras Waterfall Descents/Canyoning

Trip Time:  3 - 4 hours

$75.00 USD Two person minimum

Learn the basics on level ground then practice on the lower waterfall right here at the hotel. The trip consists of hiking around 30 minutes up a beautiful rain forest track to the top of the Upper Waterfall at Las Cascadas Lodge.

From there you make the largest descent of about 80 feet. You are in control with the help of some basic climbing equipment. Below there are two more rappels, some optional jumps, swims, spots to be lowered on ropes, and a bunch of various other canyoning features. The photos we take for you are great! This activity is an adrenaline packed and refreshing way to beat the jungle heat!

Have a go at the jungle canyon swing along the way. A huge rope swing set among towering hardwood trees!

Canyoning is for physically fit people who are steady on their feet and are not too afraid of heights. We provide footwear if needed as well as rain/splash jackets to keep you comfortable.