What Makes The Best Dental Vacation?

This is a blog about a money saving trip to Honduras that combines your dental needs with a relaxing and private vacation at Las Cascadas Lodge! We are so excited to introduce Dr. Maria Ondina to you! Dr Ondina has been an incredible family dentist here in La Ceiba for the past 17 years...

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Chef Olvin's pork chops with chili sauce

Certainly one of the most important parts of any vacation is the food. The meals at Las Cascadas Lodge match the quality of the hotel, inside and out! We shop just before guests arrive to always make sure people are getting the very best local fruits and vegetables. 

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We launched our new website!

We just launched our new website with live booking! Las Cascadas Lodge has joined the modern age, with great features like a daily blog, live booking, is very mobile friendly, new featured videos, and fresh reviews with links to more!

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Huevos Rancheros at Las Cascadas Lodge

The tasty breakfast dish Huevos Rancheros originated from Mexico. It was a traditional meal at mid-morning hours within the farming communities, and did not take long for this dish to make its way south to Honduras!

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The River Swimming experience

River swimming is the perfect addition to summer rafting in the Jungle on the Rio Cangrejal. After being fitted with the required helmet and lifejacket, the tour begins with some basic instruction on safety and technique.

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Segundo Women's Sewing Cooperative

When La Culebra or the 'snake' as they call the road here along the Cangrejal River Valley, is in good traveling shape, it's a unique and unforgettable experience to make the journey to the ladies sewing cooperative!

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