What Makes The Best Dental Vacation?

This is a blog about a money saving trip to Honduras that combines your dental needs with a relaxing and private vacation at Las Cascadas Lodge!

Dr. Maria Ondina

Dr. Maria Ondina

We are so excited to introduce Dr. Ondina to you. Dr Ondina has been an incredible family dentist here in La Ceiba for the past 17 years. Our guests who receive Dr Ondina's skillful and modern work typically save the price of their round-trip airfare to Honduras and the cost of their Hotel!

One of our Dental Vacation guests saved over $600 dollars for a half an hour procedure!

For our Cayman guests who deal with very long waits for their dental appointments (up to three weeks at times) and the much higher prices; this is a must do. 

Las Cascadas Lodge has a great mid-week Dental Vacation stay option! Monday to Friday at a reduced rate... pay only for three nights at the hotel!

Dr. Ondina taking digital X-rays

Dr. Ondina taking digital X-rays

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Dr. Ondina earned her Masters while in Spain with a emphasis on root canals. She speaks perfect English as well as Spanish. She also got her undergrad at the college right here in Tegucigalpa! Her office is in a great location just 20 min from Las Cascadas Lodge!

The setting is comfortable, clean, and with all modern equipment. She never rushes people and you are not treated like a number. She has International clients who come back each year from afar because they trust her dental practice and the high quality results she delivers.

Las Cascadas Lodge walkway

Las Cascadas Lodge walkway

To our Roatan friends... if you need to get off island for dental work please let us know! We have special deals for you too!

Dr Ondina charges around $35 to fix a cavity as well as $35 for a general check up and teeth cleaning.

Root canals depending on the tooth is between $150 and $250 dollars. Let's not talk about that anymore! Dr. Ondina is a highly skilled and extremely gentle dentist. Caps and crowns are common and are generally an easy fix. On a recent guest's visit to her office, they had digital X-Rays taken and a consultation at no charge!

If you are interested in a Las Cascadas Lodge Dental Vacation, planning your trip in advance is key if you need multiple procedures. Some dental procedures take a bit longer as well as maybe need lab work. We can plan this all out with confidence before your trip to Las Cascadas.

Please let us know if we can tell you more about Dr. Ondina and saving some money while staying in this incredible all inclusive private resort!

Let us know how we can help!

Rebecca:  "My trip to Dr. Ondina was affordable and she made me feel comfortable. I would definitely recommend her to a friend and I plan to go back the next time I need work done."

Ryan:  "Finally I feel like its not doomsday to go to the dentist! She doesn't abuse my gums for my lack of flossing just to prove a point!"

James:  "Personal Service at a very reasonable price."

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