Why choose Honduras?

Honduras is incredible. 

The people are amazing and genuinely friendly. Poverty is the real culprit here. That being said Honduras is improving and the best way to help this is to support the local tourism industry. Tourism brings jobs and teaches English. It also helps protect the environment by opening up eyes to the importance of nature.

El Bejuco waterfall in Pico Bonito National Park

El Bejuco waterfall in Pico Bonito National Park

Honduras is a country roughly the size of Tennessee and the amount of different things you can do is just remarkable. Diving and island hopping along the Meso-American reef, Whitewater Rafting the Rio Cangrejal (one of Central America's most exciting rafting runs), Horseback riding in the jungle, Canyoning down a bunch of waterfalls, visiting the ruins of Copan, world class birdwatching, and so much more!

Honduras is cheaper than Costa Rica! One advantage of travelling to Honduras is the low cost on activities such as diving and jungle tours. Accommodation and meals are all cheap by worldwide standards too. Flights are also reasonably priced from the States and Canada with lots of same day connections.
The most affordable flights to Honduras are to San Pedro Sula (American, United, etc.) From San Pedro you have the option to head out over land to Copan and then down to the jungle. You could also catch an insular flight to La Ceiba (to the jungle and river) or to Roatan/Utila from San Pedro Sula. There are many options and we can help arrange everything to make it all very easy and comfortable.
To mix it up surf and turf style there are lots of flights from the States landing daily on the island of Roatan. After diving for a few days you could then bounce over to the mainland on a very fast flight (SOSA) or ferry ride.

Natural beauty abounds here at Las Cascadas Lodge, Rio Cangrejal La Ceiba

Natural beauty abounds here at Las Cascadas Lodge, Rio Cangrejal La Ceiba

There's lots to do, see, and experience. Honduras really is such a lovely country with so much to offer. Come treat yourselves to a genuinely amazing holiday.


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