The Best Organic Chocolates Are Grown In Honduras! Yum!!

The Honduras Chocolate Company is located in the Cangrejal Valley approximately 2 km up the road from Las Cascadas Lodge. They buy organic cacao in its raw form from the local farmers in the surrounding area.

Chef Olvin and Maira use this chocolate to make delicious cheesecakes, and to compliment the many culinary delights here at the hotel.

Honduran chocolate is prized by connoisseurs worldwide, and won the International Cocoa Awards as the Best in Central America and the Caribbean in 2015.

By paying better than fair trade to their farmers, they promote a healthier sustainable product that supports families and our communities.

The strength of Cacao in each chocolate bar ranges from 65% to 80% depending on how strong a flavor you desire.


Buy it right here at Las Cascadas Lodge!